Black&white outfit in style.

colour speak BLACK “Distance &Cool headedness”WHITE”Innocence & Youth”. it’s gives magical allure, when this two colours are combined in a cloth design in style for beauty attraction to sight and also can turn an aged to youth.
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Things to know before going into fashioning as a career for beginners.

FASHION is a big cake now in our world today which represent different aspects of personalities .fashion design is the generation of ideas to produce garment in style in sewing pattern drafting to allure the human eyes mostly the fashionistas , so to woke up the sleeping enthusiasm and love to go into fashioning as a career. Fashion is an art that need creativeness to express your desire in colour meaning and beauty,in fashion you have to be real to yourself about everything you wear and to be true with the colours you choose. COLOUR are powerful light message that beautifies life with great meaning cause every colour you see have it meaning which we can match (combine)in cloth for beauty perfection. Some colour and their meaning.
For Passion,confident,energy,action,ambitious,determination,love and anger.

                 COLOUR ORANGE :

For social communication, optimism(psychology),happiness, vitality, energy.

              COLOUR YELLOW:

For Hope, Deceit, Mind and Intellectual

              COLOUR BLUE :

For Loyalty, and Maturity,Calm,Sadness

              COLOUR GREEN:

For Stalwartness,Nature,New beginning, Abundance peace.

              COLOUR PURPLE :

for wealth

             COLOUR WHITE:

for Innocence,and Youth

              COLOUR BLACK:

For Distance, and Cool Headedness.

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Life In Dream

LIFE is full of surprises and amusement when strings of goals are attach, u can only conquer when your reason are greater than your excuses cause life will walk on your face with it sharp claws,which only warriors survive it injury with lot of courage and determination. DREAMS answer to time,patient and strength to endure the worse from life itself, so chasing dreams is not like boiling an egg which only takes 30min to be eaten. Focus and be prepared so you don’t GIVE UP. WIN! WIN! WIN!

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Green yard cloth styling

Green is an attractive colour that suit men outfit , green colour signifies life & beauty .As men its advisable to have at least one to two pairs in your styling collections. The cloth above is a tailored yard styling which can be Pretty worn with anything such as black shoe,white shoe,loafers,covers also match with dark colour shoes .Additional bonus guys ,girls love green colour cloth so much,which makes u more attractive to them.

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