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Hey good people,how are you I hope you are safe because I am .Life of a dreamer is a wonder best written to encourage and wakeup the passion in you.Let’s start with the definition dream and who is a dreamer.

DREAM encompass goals and more, they give your life purpose ,meaning and direction.they shape your life choices ,express your potential and give voice to your talent.

A DREAMER is a person who view his or her life in future with the best of what life can give through hardworking and planning.

Everybody has the power to dream on how his/her life should be in way possible ,for your dream to come through you must first be a doer because the said “you can’t be a doer if you are not a dreamer.Must of our successful men and women are once confuse but they face their fear and commit to their purpose,CRISTIANO RONALDO is a dreamer who works hard for his medals, ELON MUSK too is a dreamer who takes a bigger risk and made it to the forbe list as the richest man.Every successful person you know was once a dreamer which started from point zero,success comes not only from been a dreamer but also HARDWORK,DETERMINATION, FOCUS,BELIEVE, RISK TAKING,PLANNING, PATIENT,PASSION,PRAYERS AND MAKING BUNCH OF MISTAKES.Mistakes is not bad ,you learn from them because making mistakes,makes right.Don’t be afraid of failure for it is part of the journey ,u can’t make it without failing which also comes with benefit such as.

1.failure makes us rethink and reconsider in finding new ways and strategies to achieve our goals.

2.failure makes us more valuable mentors.

3.Help us to overcome our fears.

4.Teach us to be humble and recommit to our goals.

With dream comes TIME,you have to be patient and wait for the right moment to receive the abundant reward in chasing your dreams.Thank you for reading I hope this unlock your potentials and use it to help the world .DREAM AND DONT GIVE UP

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