Success ||Life of a dreamer

A dreamer is a person who view his life in future with the best of what life can give through hardwork and planning. Everybody have the power to dream on how his/her life will be which is improbable and impractical cause you can’t be a doer if you are not first a dreamer;Christiano Ronaldo is a dreamer, Elon musk too, every successful person was once a dreamer which started from point zero. Success comes not only from dreaming but also HARDWORKING , DETERMINATION, FOCUS, BELIEVE, PLANNING, PATIENCE,PASSION and PRAYER;with this success in dream is achieved.
Some will asked why do people fail in their dream ,people don’t fail they are redirected to the right path “MAKING MISTAKE ,MAKES RIGHT” said by me, which comes with much BENEFITS such as
1.Failure make us rethinking and reconsider to fine new ways and strategies to achieve us goal.
2.Failure makes us more valuable mentor.
3.Help us to overcome fear.
4.Recommit us to our goal
5.Teach us to be humble.
With dream comes TIME which you have to be patient for the right moment for been idealistic in cheasing your dreams.You have to be strong cause you will face the WORLD with too much of ‘Stress,Hearkbroken,Losing of friends, No family support,No money but don’t GIVING UP is better to go slow in progress than to QUIT which I bet you is not an option.
To all the dreamer out there in the world and those reading my blog post the world need your dream,help and leadership to make the world a better place.DREAM AND NEVER GIVE UP.



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